I teach kids & teens

Empowering teacher to empower students. A conference for Teachers of English and Coordinators who have a true passion for teaching children and teenagers. http://www.abs-international.com.ar/K&T2011-intro.htm

01 de octubre de 2011, 12:35.

I teach kids & teens

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The conference will have something for everyone - practical workshops, forums for discussion and debate, inspirational presentations to engage teachers and coordinators with special emphasis on achieving sustainable practices. The conference will inspire, engage and bring together the people and organizations that collectively provide quality education for children and teenagers.

Teaching Young learners and teenagers has become a challenge. Students learn in different ways compared to the way they used to, and are not that easily motivated or engaged. This event is for teachers and managers and anyone with an interest in working with young learners and teenagers. We aim to have a range of practice-focused workshops, as well as lots of opportunity for discussion of issues and sharing ideas.

Your value to your institution will be greatly enhanced as you develop your teaching skills and improve your ability to make significant contributions to the success of your organization. Whether you want to keep up with advancements in the field, round out your education, or prepare for a new position, this conference can help!
The 2011 Conference will gather together a group of high calibre international speakers who will share their views and expertise, providing some great discussions between sessions.


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